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The Brand

By Shannon Malone is the eponymous label of Western Australian designer, Shannon Malone.

By Shannon model is clothing that are versatile, timeless staples for the distinctive, modern being who eschews trends for timeless self-expression.

Universal Daywear is at the core of the brand, an approach to clothes that strives towards embracing the realities of the modern being by proposing 'fit' over traditional sizing. The result? A universally versatile uniform for those who find work and play coexist in everything they do.


The Production

Made in house; Perth, Western Australia. 

From the inception of a new design to the final product, all By Shannon Malone pieces are designed, developed and made in my hometown of Perth. My dedication to Australian-made production stands at the forefront of what I do and how I do it.


The Fit

My philosophy of Universal Daywear informs how I design my clothes for you. 

I want to be generous and inclusive in my practice of design - to sincerely fulfil the promise of a 'universal' perspective. As such, each garment has been developed in a universal one-size-for-all. Made with extensive investigation and vigorous process, each style of the collection is cut generously, resulting in an exceptional and easy-to-wear fit.

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