March Club Member Interview

Meet Sophie - our current campaign babe. Sophie makes a superb cup of coffee at Daphne Café.  Visit her to enjoy her excellent selection of up-to-date printed media while she pours you a brew.

What is your name, star sign and job title?
My name is Sophie Bower Johnston and I’m an Aries. I am a small business owner, I guess. I run a cafe called Daphne with my husband.

What does your job involve?
Waking up early every morning, making coffee, talking with people, making sure their needs and wants are met to the best of my ability, washing dishes, wiping benches, sweeping, shooing pigeons, paying bills, eating cake.

Do you have a book you often refer to? If so, why?
I learned a lot from a kind of textbook called ‘Architectural Graphics’ by Francis Ching. It’s about the visual language and the rules of drafting but it’s really so much about clear and concise communication and how best to convey meaning. I love it even though I have very little use for it these days. I could also always devour ‘Sixty Stories’ by Donald Barthelme. His style is so varied that you can pick and choose any short story from the collection and they would all be so vastly different. A good reminder of the certainty of chaos and absurdity in life.

What is your fail-safe recipe for cooking at home? 
I’m not usually the cook but I’ve been loving a bit of steamed broccolini with rice. That makes it seem like we eat really healthily! Let me add that after it’s steamed I then fry the broccolini in sesame oil and heaps of salt. This is just something I can cook if I can’t be bothered thinking of something more interesting.

Do you have a favourite day trip you’d recommend to us?
Depends where you’re starting from! I think the last day trip I went on was to Brighton from London. I was with my sister and it was unusually warm. We put our feet into the sea and dreamed of Cottesloe beach.

What was the last online article that interested you?
I do this thing at work where I’ll scroll through facebook and save all of the news articles that pique my interest. Then at the end of the day I’ll try to absorb as much of it as possible without making my brain implode or getting depressed. So there have been a few but the most jarring one was about how biologists are saying that one half of all species could be extinct by the end of the century. Half of all species. I’m still stuck in this place between not being able to imagine that future and knowing all too well how likely it is. 

Whom do you admire?
Too many people to list! Those who are organised. Those who are passionate. Those who are not afraid to work hard and stand up for what they believe in. Those who see things through. Polite people. Kind people. Generous people.

If you were a building, what would you resemble?
Notre Dame du Haut by Le Corbusier.

Where have you enjoyed the best food of your life?
I keep dreaming about jerk chicken. I just haven’t had it in so long. There was this place in London that Adam and I found that was so so so good. It was one of those travel experiences where we’d walked so far and we were both cranky and I didn’t want to admit that I was lost,  we couldn’t decide on a place to eat! But we stumbled upon this place, ate a plate of jerk chicken and beans and rice with a rum cocktail. Everything was right with the world after that. It was perfect.

Who makes your favourite coffee?
Honestly, I do, I’m in quite a unique position to be able to make coffee everyday (except Sunday) exactly the way I like it and hope everyone else feels the same