April Club Member Interview

What is your name, star sign and job title?
Celia Friebe. Sagittarius. Intern.

What does your job involve?
Anything I’m needed for. Design assistant, pattern making and sample sewing, research and developing blog posts.

Do you have a book you often refer to? If so, why?
This book is one of my favourites, I don’t often refer to it but it is quite special to me. It’s The Beach by Alex Garland. My brothers ex-girlfriend gave it to me as a gift one Christmas, it was her own copy and she had customised the cover with that of another book.

What is your fail-safe recipe for cooking at home? 
Honestly I never really cook, I’ve never enjoyed it. Usually I’ll just make avocado on toast.

Do you have a favourite day trip you’d recommend to us?
Going down south to Margaret River. I love going to all the animal farms to feed and pet the goats and sheep, although I did once get spat on by an alpaca because I was trying to feed the smaller one instead of him.

What was the last online article that interested you?
I was looking at all of the nominees and winners of the past Academy Awards. I was pretty shocked that Emma Stone won for La La Land, as much as I enjoy her acting. To be completely honest I think the movie would have been better if the leads could actually sing and dance, but then I guess they wouldn’t have been as famous, which is good for ticket sales. I was also a bit disappointing to see Casey Affleck won an Oscar too. It’s a shame that men who do such horrible things in there personal lives are still praised in the media.

Whom do you admire?
As cheesy as it is to say, my mum. She is a very strong woman, she works hard and is extremely tenacious, yet she is so loving and compassionate to even those she does’t know. And she always gives me the best advice, even if I don’t want to hear at the time. 

If you were a building, what would you resemble?
That’s a tough one because I love so many different types of architecture. Like large, expansive Brutalism like Rick Owens’ home and studio. Or maybe something clean and ultra modern, or industrial and a little grungy like an abandoned warehouse turned into a lofty apartment building. But if I were a building I don’t think I’d be that big. I’d probably be a midcentury modernist house, not too big not too small, with lots of indoor plants.

Where have you enjoyed the best food of your life?
Probably a squid ink spaghetti I had in Rome, Followed by tiramisu for dessert. 

Who makes your favourite coffee?
Actually the coffee I’ve had at Daphne made by Sophie has been pretty damn good.